Friday, March 4, 2011

I have a new home!

Hi all... I have some wonderful news! For those of you who like my artwork and bought my creatables at am now selling NEW art at  It has been a bit of a struggle, but I finally worked out a few contract issues with Provo Craft and I am now free to sell new art once again!!!

  I didn't realize how much I missed creating and painting... It had been a while since I sat down and painted new art and I'm happy to report that I've got my groove back...My first set is a fun Spring/Easter art collection "Springville Express" . I can't wait to start on my next set. I want to thank all my loyal followers for sticking with me the last few months. I welcome ideas for new art and look forward to the adventures that await! Oh yeah!....My tried and true "Old" art is still available at PcCrafter...just click on the link in the sidebar, if you want to take a look. Hugs, Laurie


daisydilly (vicki) said...

Hooorray!!!!! So very glad to see you selling somewhere!! You bet I'm going to go over and buy-even if I don't need it!! Love your work and always will

Becky Jo said...

YEA!!!! I've been waiting for this! Congratulations! I love your artwork and have been going thru withdrawal. lol I have all your artwork from pcCrafter. I would like to know what your TOU is on your new artwork please. You can email me. Thanks! Big Hugs!!!!

Marcia said...

Super!! I have been waiting and am so glad. We need at least a new set every month or even more!!! I already purchased your new set and love it! Soooo glad you found a new home Laurie!!!

Cindi said...

Yay, congratulations Laurie! We've missed you and your wonderful creations. Look forward to seeing and purchasing many more. :)

Kym Weber said...

Congratulations! What a gorgeous set you have created! Wonderful news that you're able to create once again! Can't wait to see what you may have in store next!

Acerca de mim said...

Hello Laurie
I'm very happy to have got to find it after pcCrafter. Love your work and all that I have been hanging out in Pccrafter and now was looking for a long time ago (two months). Fortunately now recovered and
Excuse the English, but is google translate.
I'll snoop around your blog.
Cristina Miquelino

Audrey Jeanne said...

WELCOME, Laurie! We're delighted you've joined us at Aimee Asher! I featured you at my Facebook Page :-)
Hugs and best wishes,
Audrey Jeanne

Chris & Don said...

Hooray! Glad you are creating again and I'll look forward to visiting your store at Aimee Asher.

Sara Sykora said...

Dear Laurie,
I feel like I know you since I have so enjoyed using your wonderful clipart over the years!!! I made a wall quilt and pillows plus wall paper border for our first grandson's nursery. I would love to send you pictures! I used the Noah's Ark set and felt like I personally got to know each animal--ha!
Also I have started a ministry at our church called Mentor Moms. My notebook that I make for each mom also utilizes much of your clipart and I get constant comments wondering where this wonderful art came from. I refer them to you : ) My ministry is expanding and now I'm being asked to do workshops at other churches to set up a Mentor Moms program for them. Had no idea this little passion for young moms would grow like this! I would love to send you a copy of the notebook if you would like to see it. Also have a little booklet I give them that is a complilation of faith sustaining ideas from our ladies at church called "Filling Your Cup". The workshops are on a "love donation" basis for anything the ladies want to contribute to the workshop--I don't set a fee, but like to cover the cost of the notebooks. My question is about permission of copyright. I certainly don't want to do anything in passing out the notebooks that doesn't honor this. I do give you credit in the notebook, but there may be a time in the future that I may have to charge for the notebooks if this ministry grows. It is in God's hands right now and I'm just "hanging on" to see where He leads me. At this time I have done 21 groups of 6 ladies each. We meet once a week for 3 hours in the evening for 8 weeks. Each group consists of 3 younger moms and 3 "seasoned moms"--like that better than old--ha! God put this on my heart before I retired and once the work years were over, I was able to fully develop the program.
This must seem like a small book, but I wanted to let you know how much I thoroughly love your artwork. So glad you have a forum to display it now!!! Please let me know if you would like a copy of the Mentor Moms notebook, "Filling Your Cup", and/or pictures of the nursery and directions for making the items. And please let me know about permission for usage of your clipart.
Thank you for years of precious clipart!
Blessings ~ Sara Sykora

Sara Sykora said...

Laurie, My email for the previous post is

Hope to hear from you : ) Thanks, Sara

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