Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll...Freebie

I am having so much fun...I just love chocolate but I'm afraid it's something that I can only partake of on special when the sun rises and again when it sets...LOL...So it's best that I give it away as soon as possible when it's in the house....and it's even better to give it away wrapped in a cute
package....soooo, I had fun today designing this cute lil' "Scarecrow Slider" just because I wanted to...It is your's to use and fill with chocolate and give away too and celebrate the wonderful harvest season! Hugs...Laurie

Monday, September 8, 2008

I Want My Mummy Freebie....

Hi All.....It's been a while since I posted...Let's just say that it has been a long busy summer and leave it at that....Summer is my least favorite time of year and I am happy to see it go...On the other hand...Autumn is my very favorite season. I love the cooler weather and the crispness in the air...I love all the beautiful colors of fall...oranges, reds, golds and purples! Sooooo.... to help celebrate this glorious season, I'm back with a cute freebie that may help get you all ready for all the fun that Halloween can bring! This is a cute Mummy Candy Bar Wrapper and can be sized to fit most Hershey chocolate bars. There is a space on the back to add a cute saying...I put
" Mind your Mummy" and have a happy Halloween" I hope you have fun with it and that all your lil' ghouls and goblins enjoy it!...
Also...I promise that I will do better from now on and post more often...I do have some yummy Autumn recipes that I would like to share and I have more cute freebies on my drawing keep checking back!