Thursday, May 19, 2011

Buddy Bears...In Time For Father's Day Projects!

Here's my newest art collection...Just in time for Father's day projects! Cute, cuddly Buddy Bears...Everything from business bear to hunter bear. Kit also has five ready to print greeting cards, all you need to add is the greeting! Go check them out at Aimee Ashers...!

Here's an update on my "Chicken Adventures" that I posted about earlier...My how they have grown...LOL! I caught them eating the flowers I had just planted!...Don't they look guilty! Now they are in the dog house! But they are still such a hoot and the grandkids are having fun with them too! Just about two more months and we will have fresh home grown eggs! I can't wait... Hugs,Laurie


Barbara G said...

My goodness have those chickens grown! I looked at the before and after pictures and didn't realize they grow that fast. I am no farmgirl!!

Love the newest graphic set as well!

Alia Dalwai said...


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Mona said...

Laurie, I absolutely love all of your designs, I would wait at PC Crafter hoping each month that yours would be the graphics that would come out, or wait for them to show up on the weekly cd's. I have asked before but maybe you did not get the comment, but I would love more seed packet designs to include several seeds cause my garden definitely looks better with graphics from you out in my garden as garden picks. My grandkids move them around all the time so we don't usually know what is growing anyway.LOL. PS love the chickens. Mona.....

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