Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love My Cat Too!

To make it fair, I created a Digital Art Collection for all the cat fanciers out there! I do love cats! We have two...The old man Spot, a long haired black cat with one white spot on his chest, he's about 16 years old and very layed back. Then there's Jinxy...a petite gray and white short hair, that's rather fussy and demanding, but she can be very sweet if she want to be. 

Cat are a lot like people, each with their own unique (sorry, I couldn't resist) Hope you enjoy checking out...
You'll see that each of the cats in the collection have their own personalities too! Hugs, Laurie 


dal2 said...

Love these, so cute! How about "Love My Birdies Too!" (tropical birds)? I found some flags with your art at Kohl's -- had to have them! Thanks!

Darlene said...

We are big fans of your art.
We are looking for an older set that you may have had pc crafter.
It is a set with white cats with pink bows. If we could purchase this we would greatly appreciate it. Please contact me at

Shellieg said...

Hi Laurie - I was on PC Crafters and they have closed their site. There are several of your clip art packets that I want to buy from there. Do you offer them anywhere else? Can you contact me at - I am looking at Monkeyin around - Thank you - Shellie

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