Friday, January 8, 2010

New Adventure...CottageCutz!

Just letting you all know that I am now designing die cuts for
You might remember this kitty from my
"Doodleheart Valentine" creatable at PcCrafter...
You will be seeing some of my older creatables turned into die cuts!
The best of both worlds!
I will be designing lots of new things too!
You can look forward to some really cute Easter and Spring things a Cottage Cutz.
Of coarse I am still designing for PcCrafter and will have a
new creatable released the first of EVERY month!

Cottage Cutz are compatible with the following machines:
QuicKutz Revolution, Sizzix / Ellison Big Shot, BigKick, CuttleBug, SpellBinder Wizard and Accucut Zip'eMate.

Please go check them out...


kristianne25 said...
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kristianne25 said...

I am so Happy for you!I am also so Happy you will still be at Pccrafter.Your art is my Favorite and I would be so sad if you weren't creating anymore.Thank you so much for sharing your talent it really does brighten my world.Take care,Kristianne25

DeeDee said...

Yay! I so love your stuff and seeing more of it will truelly be awesome..thanks laurie...lookforward to the die cuts also....

ddsdoubles @ pccrafter...

Lora said...

I am sure everyone is going to love your die cuts made with all my favorite graphics.

Suzuki said...

Laurie: I just found your snowman wrapper post thru a friend and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! But I have a quick question if you have the time - how do you size them to fit the rolos/lifesavers???

Thanks, Sherry

Lora said...

This sounds like a great new opportunity for you.
All of your graphics are just awesome. I know folks will liket what you will be creating for the die cuts.

Sabra said...

I absolutely love your site. I've given you a "beautiful blog award." You can stop by my blog to pick up the award graphic to post on your page if you'd like.

Carolee Jones said...

Laurie, my fellow artist... could you email me back I have some questions to ask you about your new adventure with CottageCutz, sounds interesting & I'd like to know more!
you can email me at:
HUGS and have a GREAT DAY!
oh and by the way CUTE designs as usual! love your style

Engel said...

What wonderful news! I am a BIG fan of your work..If I were to make a childrens book - I would ask you to do the drawings. If you wish to se your graphics used in real life, Please feel free to visit my blog
I would simply love a visit from you!
kind Regards

BlueRose said...

Hey Laurie I just love your work and most of all your lovely witch. Good luck on your new adventure into rubber stamping.

I don't know how in the world my post was deleted I must of hit the wrong tab? That is me not paying attention on what I'm doing. LOL LOL

Hannie said...

Dear Lauri,
I've been trying to write this message for a very long time but never found the right words.
I think I must write you because now I know who's the hand behind this wonderful art!
Long time ago, I found some of your pictures while googling... I liked them so much that I decided to use them on my blog..(this is my conscience problem) Now that I know who is the author, I feel I should have asked permision first...I'm sorry if I went too far... I'm gving you my blog's link and I want you to take a look and tell me if it's ok to keep them or if I shoud delete all the pictures... (It would be very sad for me.. but what is fair, is fair...) Thank you for is my blog: (

Jordie Nilla said...

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